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Think of employment lawyers like firefighters. They are usually the ones getting the call to put out the fire, whether the fire in their case is a termination gone wrong, a human rights complaint, a discipline issue that had unexpected results, or any sort of serious workplace issue that has unnecessarily spiraled out of control. Our law firm will also assist in education and prevention efforts for your business. We work with employers to help put preventative measures in place that improve the long-term viability of their business, especially during difficult situations. Our exceptional Mississauga law firm is dedicated to establishing a client success so your company can focus on finding great talent and business growth.




Workplace Policies

There are countless numbers of workplace policies that could benefit almost any workplace. Some are mandatory under the law, such as policies about accessibility, disability, and workplace harassment. Several mandatory policies require information and training for staff in order to be implemented properly. Other workplace policies can help dictate workplace culture, and set standards for employees to follow. More importantly for employers, repeated violations of these policies can then become grounds for discipline, or even in some cases dismissal.



Navigating Terminations

Most employers phone their lawyers after a termination has already gone poorly, and usually when a lawyer’s letter has already arrived in their mailbox. Yet phoning an employment lawyer ahead of time can lead to strategic termination planning. A lawyer cannot only help prepare a termination package that is legally valid, but they can include strategic incentives that an employee is more likely to accept. Additionally, an employment lawyer will help an employer orchestrate a termination as smoothly as possible so that it has a minimal impact on a business.

Navigating terminations can be tricky for employers. The legal requirements for firing a short service employee are different than firing a long service employee. It is important to make sure that carry out the process properly so that you can avoid being sued. We can help you navigate terminations to avoid potential claims. Some of our services include drafting letters, designing customized termination packages and sample reference letters.



Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are among the most crucial agreements in an employer’s business dealings, even if they sit in a drawer and are rarely examined. The employment contract sets out the terms of an employee’s work, and, most notably, outlines the benefits or restrictions associated with those terms. For example, it is an employment contract’s termination clause that dictates what an employee is entitled to upon termination.

This can be crucial when it comes to paying out a terminated employee. The purpose of a termination clause is to restrict and limit an employee’s entitlements upon termination to whatever they are entitled to under the law (usually the Employment Standards Act). When a termination clause is poorly written, or does not exist at all, an employee is not limited to any legal minimums, and can make a serious claim for a much larger payout.



Rights & Responsibilities For Employers

Many employers do not understand their rights as an employer. It is important that your employment practices stay up to date with current laws so that you can avoid legal problems that can arise. We understand the importance of remaining competitive as a business which is why at Tailor Law we take the time to sit down and discuss your rights and responsibilities as an employer so that you can avoid legal trouble. We can offer you customized policies and solutions to the day-to-day legal issues that arise in your business.



Human Rights & Accommodations

Most employers realize that they cannot discriminate against their employees but are unclear on the specifics. It is important for employers to understand their obligations with respect to accommodation. With increasing awareness among workers about their human rights, employees often seek recourse with the Human Rights Tribunal. The Human Rights Tribunal has the capacity to award large monetary awards to individuals for “injury to dignity, feelings and self respect”.

It is important to stay current with legal changes so that you can avoid costly penalties down the road. Tailor Law can advise you of your obligations to individuals and help you design customized accommodation policies.



Legal Requirements For Hiring

What are the legal requirements for a job advertisement? What questions can I legally ask a job candidate? How do I make an employment offer? How do I say ‘no’ to a potential candidate without being sued?

While hiring is familiar territory for many employers, the legalities of hiring are not. Bad decisions made during the hiring process can be very costly to the employer. Tailor Law can assist with all aspects of the hiring process to ensure compliance. Our services include designing custom hiring plans, training your hiring managers and drafting employment agreements

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