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Employment lawyers are like firefighters – they can be called to put out a workplace fire, whether that’s because of unfair termination, a human rights complaint, a mismanaged disciplinary issue or any other serious legal situation. Our Mississauga law firm is here to help you avoid these problems in the first place by providing top-notch education and institute preventative measures to protect your business. With our help, you could focus on finding great talent and growing your company rather than worrying about legal complications.




Workplace Policies

Announcing and implementing various workplace policies is essential for any company. Some of these are mandatory under the law, such as policies dealing with accessibility, disability, and workplace harassment – all of which require detailed information and training to be properly understood by staff. Other policies can help set the tone or standard for employees in terms of behavior or dress code. It’s important that employers enforce these policies regularly to avoid legal complications – just repeated violations of set rules can become grounds for discipline or dismissal.



Navigating Terminations

Using an employment lawyer to help plan a termination can be incredibly beneficial. Not only do they make sure that terminations are conducted legally and with valid packages, but they also provide incentives to the employee that may ensure they accept the package and leave without a fight. We offer services such as drafting termination letters, designing informative termination packages and reference letters, so you can be certain that your terminations are being handled smoothly and strategically to limit the impact on your business.



Employment Contracts

Employers should pay close attention to their employment contracts to make sure that termination procedures are handled properly. The termination clause outlines the employee’s rights and entitlements upon termination, and ideally should be structured in such a way that restricts or limits those entitlements to meet legal standards – such as the Employment Standards Act. If an employer doesn’t have a well-written termination clause, or doesn’t have one at all, they may find themselves making a much larger payout than expected to terminate an employee.



Rights & Responsibilities For Employers

Employers need to make sure they stay informed of their rights as employers. Failing to do so can lead to serious legal issues which can be costly and time consuming. Tailor Law offers dedicated services that help employers deal with day-to-day legal issues, such as providing customized policies, solutions and advice tailored to the business needs and current laws. Our services help ensure that your business is up to date with the latest regulations, saving you time and money in the long run.



Human Rights & Accommodations

Employers should be aware that discrimination in the workplace is not only illegal but can also be extremely costly. Employees now have an increased awareness of their human rights and are becoming more likely to take a claim to the Human Rights Tribunal. If found liable, employers may be subject to large monetary awards for “injury to dignity, feelings and self respect”. To avoid such issues, employers need to make sure they stay up-to-date with legal changes and create customized accommodations policies as needed. Tailor Law can provide professional advice on employer obligations as well as custom-designed policies to ensure every employee is treated fairly at all times.



Legal Requirements For Hiring

The hiring process can be complex and full of legal pitfalls if not done properly. To protect your business, it is important to know the legal requirements for job advertisements, know what questions you can and cannot ask during an interview, how to make an employment offer, and how to turn down a potential candidate without facing a lawsuit. Tailor Law is here to help. We provide professional advice on all aspects of the hiring process including custom-made hiring plans, training for managers and drafting of employment agreements. Our services ensure that all candidates are treated fairly while minimizing legal risks for employers.

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