Why You Need an Employment Lawyer


An employment lawyer works with clients on interpreting, advising, and litigating legal issues concerning work. A lawyer can work with both employees and employers or choose to work with employees only or employers only.



Employment lawyers are not employment specialists or employment generalists. They work on employment-related matters that pertain to contract, employment and labour law. Employment lawyers do not work for Human Resources departments but offer support from a legal perspective in all cases related to employment disputes.



Employment lawyers are essential in dealing with contentious matters related to issues such as breaches of contracts, discrimination, dismissals, and harassment. Their role involves advising, researching, drafting, arbitrating, and negotiating on behalf of either employees or employers.



Employment agencies are not lawyers or law firms. Head hunters work through agencies to find candidates for employment vacancies. Employment agencies do recruitment only – they do not provide advice, litigation or arbitration services and cannot provide a legal opinion on issues.



Employment lawyers advise employers on drafting an employment contract as well as provide employment law advice.



Employment lawyers can provide employment termination services for employers including drafting employment termination letters, and fault-based terminations. Employment terms vary from one employment contract or employee manual to another.



An employment lawyer can provide grievance services to an employee, including drafting a letter and representing the employee in arbitration.



Employment lawyers provide services that include advising on agreement options for employers.



Employment legislation services for employers including drafting and advising on employee manuals, and reporting directly to an arbitration board if not resolved.



Employment lawyers or employment law firms can help with employment litigation if the parties have not been able to reach a resolution despite employment mediation efforts.



Employment lawyers can provide employment arbitration services for employees. Employment lawyers can advise an employment candidate or employee on employment law and employment arbitration options available to the job candidate or employees.


  • Dealing with workplace issues: Any workplace can have a case where the relationship between an employer and employee breaks down. An employment lawyer can offer solutions to continue the relationship and build strong relationships in the future.
  • Reviewing a job offer: A lawyer is helpful when signing contracts. They can help you go over terms, determine if you are getting the right amount of salary, and make sure you are in the right spot for starting your job.
  • Harassment and Discrimination: If you believe you have a claim for harassment and/or discrimination in the workplace, an employment lawyer will advise you on the best next steps pursuant to your individual situation and set of facts.
  • Exit Package from Employer: This is crucial for a long-serving employee looking for a way out of their role regardless if it is because of a new job opportunity or retirement. The employment lawyer will negotiate on your behalf with the company’s legal team to organize a smooth transition.
  • Terminations: lawyers play an important role in ensuring you are treated fairly and receive the best severance or payout package for your specific situation.
  • Work Policies: A lawyer will ensure employers are abiding by the rules and not causing interference for employees.
  • Alterations: A lawyer will ensure that any changes to your job or the employer’s work policies do not negatively impact employees.
  • Discipline Matters:  lawyer can work with both the employee and employer to improve performance and maintain good working relationships.
  • Getting hurt or sick on the job: A lawyer will ensure you receive the wages or income while you recover from illness or injury. A lawyer can help you with your claims, such as a doctor’s visit, EI claims, and recovery through physical therapy or rehabilitation.


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