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Being charged with domestic assault can have a negative impact on your reputation, your relationships, and potentially your living situation. These charges can also affect the resolution of any ongoing family law matters that may be before the court in the same time period. It is important to have a lawyer who understands how to defend against these serious charges, and how to do so while being mindful of the potential effects on other areas of your life.

Tailor Law criminal defence lawyers understand the delicate and personal nature of situations that lead to domestic assault charges, and we’re here to help. Our Mississauga criminal lawyers are also fluent in family law, and offer a free 30-minute consultation during which you can discuss your matter and figure out your best next step. Book your consultation online or by calling 905-366-0202.




What Is Domestic Assault?

Domestic assault generally refers to an assault of one person in a romantic relationship by the other person in that relationship. The romantic relationship doesn’t have to be formalized marriage, as the domestic assault classification also includes common law partners and people who are simply dating. Domestic assault can also refer to a conflict between family members such as parents, children, and relatives.


The party who has allegedly committed the assault is called the Accused, and the victim of the alleged assault is called the Complainant. Despite popular belief, the Complainant doesn’t “press” or lay domestic assault charges, the police do. The Complainant has no option to withdraw the charges.


When an assault case is considered to be “domestic”, the Crown approaches the case with a zero-tolerance policy and treats it much more seriously than simple assault. As a result, it can be harder to make bail, and there is no possibility of the charges being withdrawn at the first court appearance. However, that does not mean that there are no avenues to pursue in trying to make bail and/or get the charges dropped. Tailor Law believes that any individual charged with domestic assault is entitled to a nonjudgmental, rigorous defence and a lawyer who actually listens.



What Happens When I’ve Been Charged With Domestic Assault?

Once domestic assault charges have been laid, you will either be released back into the community pending trial, or kept in custody. To get out of custody, you will need to complete a bail hearing and convince the court that you need not be in custody. This would be when Tailor Law criminal defence lawyers would enter the picture.


It is prudent to retain a lawyer as soon as you are charged. Once you have been charges, subtle issues may arise and it’s important to have someone to guide you through the process, even leading up to your first court date. A criminal defence lawyer will make you aware of your rights. He or she will appear in court on your behalf, and fight for your interests.


Our lawyers will explain the bail process and what is needed from you in order to have the best chance of making bail. They will advise potential sureties of their obligations, and collect the information necessary for the bail hearing. If bail is granted, we will ensure that you understand the conditions of your bail, and what could happen if those conditioned were to be violated.


One very common condition of release on bail is that the accused must not return to the family home, or the victim’s place of residence. This can be incredibly disruptive to all aspects of your life, and Tailor Law lawyers will work to minimize or eliminate that disruption by arguing for reasonable bail conditions initially and, if necessary, conducting a bail review or requesting a variation to the bail conditions.



Domestic Assault Charges and Ongoing Family Law Matters

Domestic assault charges and family law disputes often go hand in hand. Because of this, it is important for your criminal defence lawyer to understand how your charges could interact with the resolution of your family law matter. The Tailor Law team has diverse skill sets and experience in both family and criminal law. We will ensure that your interests, as they pertain to both areas of law, are protected to the fullest extent possible.



Tailor Law Offers Free Consultations

Meet with one of Tailor Law’s Mississauga criminal defence lawyers in person or over the phone. This free consultation will allow us to determine how we can best assist you, and to explain the possible outcomes of your situation. Book your consultation anytime online or by calling 905-366-0202.


Tailor Law: Your Trusted Family Lawyers in Mississauga

Tailor Law is a full-service law firm located in Mississauga, Ontario that offers top-notch legal services to clients with diverse legal needs. Our team of experienced family lawyers in Mississauga is committed to providing effective legal solutions to individuals and families going through difficult times.


We understand the emotional and financial toll that family matters can take on our clients. That is why we approach each case with compassion, empathy, and a deep commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for our clients. Whether you are dealing with a divorce, child custody or support dispute, adoption or same-sex marriage, our family lawyers will work diligently to protect your rights and secure your best interests.


At Tailor Law, we pride ourselves on our extensive legal knowledge, dynamic approach, and personalized attention to each client. Our team provides a welcoming, safe and supportive environment to help you navigate any legal challenges that may arise. We believe in achieving results, and our clients can trust us to provide honest and transparent legal advice every step of the way.


If you are looking for reputable family lawyers in Mississauga, Tailor Law is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can assist you.


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