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If you or your partner are considering entering a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, consult with a lawyer to discuss the benefits and disadvantages, and to determine if it is the right choice for you. Although it isn’t the most romantic task in the world, these types of agreements can prevent a lot of heartache in the long run. If you and your partner should ever part ways, a pre-drafted agreement can get rid of the need to argue back and forth about the terms of the split. This generally results in a friendlier and more productive separation, and a smaller legal bill.

Before signing any agreement, it is imperative that you first seek independent legal advice. Once signed, the agreement becomes legally binding and is an enforceable contract that can be difficult to set aside. This is generally a good thing, but it’s important to keep in mind that one party may later be unhappy with the terms.


Mississauga Prenup Lawyer & After Marriage


What Are These Agreements?

A prenuptial agreement, or “prenup,” is a written contract made between two people before they are married. By contrast, a postnuptial is an agreement that can be thought of as a prenup after marriage. Both agreements outline the prospective spouses’ rights and obligations upon the end of their marriage. These agreements set out the respective parties’ rights and obligations with respect to the division of property, support obligations, the educational or moral upbringing of their children, and other family law matters.


The Supreme Court of Canada has stated that a fairly negotiated contract that expresses the parties’ intentions should be given substantial weight. That is to say, upon divorce, the court is less likely to interfere with any pre-existing agreements. Tailor Law can assist you in negotiating, drafting, and filing these important agreements. Call us anytime at 905-366-0202 – our prenup and postnup lawyers offer a free consultation.


Who Should Have One And Why?

The quick and easy answer is: everyone. Everyone should be protected in case of divorce. Even people who are very much in love. Prenuptial or postnuptial agreements are often recommended in cases where the parties are entering into the union with property, unequal income, where a party is entering the marriage with debt, where one party or both owns a business, or where parties are entering the marriage with children from a previous marriage.

Generally, benefits of these agreements include:

  • A quicker separation process
  • Reduction of stress & conflict
  • Delineation of marital property
  • Assurance of financial stability for your children
  • Protection of your business
  • Allocation of debts & liabilities
  • A way to resolve any disputes

Setting Aside A Prenup or Postnuptial Agreement

If you are seeking to set aside a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, you bear the burden of proving that there are valid grounds to set aside the contract. A court may choose to set aside a pre or postnuptial agreement where a party fails to reveal significant assets or liabilities, where a party did not understand the nature or impact of the agreement, or for any other reason under contract law.


Let Tailor Law Help You Protect Yourself

When if comes to pre or postnuptial agreements, our team can help you address any questions or concerns, determine whether a pre or postnuptial agreement is right for your situation, review and prepare your financial disclosure, negotiate and draft an agreement, provide independent legal advice, or help you set aside a previous agreement.


Start your marriage off on the right foot knowing that you and your spouse made the responsible choice to plan for the unexpected and protect your family’s financial future. Our lawyers are here to help. Please contact us any time of day at 905-366-0202 for a free consultation with a family lawyer serving Mississauga.

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