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Marriage is a significant and memorable milestone, which is why divorce can be complicated and painful. We understand that after a great conflict, a speedy and definitive resolution is needed. Dissolving a marriage needs to be done correctly to ensure that you can move on with your life properly. The situation often becomes even more complicated when property and children are involved. To meet with a compassionate and progressive Mississauga family lawyer, call Tailor Law any time of day to schedule a free consultation.



Mississauga Gay Marriage Divorce Lawyers

Tailor Law: A Trusted Family Law Firm

Tailor Law’s extensive experience in divorce and separation agreements means that our lawyers are fully equipped to assist you during this difficult time. Our firm prides itself on providing an inclusive, progressive environment. You will meet with lawyers who will take your case seriously and work diligently to ensure you get the best resolution possible. Rest assured that your case will be closed as quickly and effectively as possible, so you can move on and enjoy your life.



Separation and Divorce: What’s the Difference?

Separation and divorce are extremely difficult, as they are not only emotionally draining, but hard to navigate and seemingly endless at times. Some couples may choose to divorce, while others may simply choose to separate. When couples separate, it means that they are living their lives as people who are separate and apart. Generally, “separate and apart” means that they don’t live together or celebrate holidays as a family unit. Although a divorce is needed if either party wants to remarry, a separation agreement allows them to solidify their duties to one another, and go their separate ways.

While a separation agreement can be drafted immediately upon separation of the partners, a divorce Application may only be brought once a year has passed from the date of separation. Drafting a separation agreement and making a joint application for a divorce both require the parties to agree on the terms of their parting ways. This can include terms regarding the division of matrimonial assets, child custody, child support, and spousal support.



Separation Agreements

Creating a separation agreement that works for both of you can be tiresome and frustrating without help. If you and your partner are unable to agree to any viable solutions on your own, it is time to consider retaining a lawyer to represent your interests. In this case, you and your partner would need separate representation, and from there, your lawyers could start negotiating a separation agreement, or obtain an order from a judge if necessary. Once a valid separation agreement or judge’s order has been filed with the court, the parties have the option of making an Application for divorce once a year has passed since the date of separation.




If you and your partner are on good terms, and have a clear picture of what you can both agree to, an uncontested, jointly-submitted divorce is your best option once a year has passed from the separation date. This type of divorce will be faster to process, and while it is still recommended that both parties seek independent legal advice, most of the work can be done by one lawyer. Once a lawyer for one of the parties has drafted the divorce Application outlining the agreed-upon terms, the lawyer for the other party can provide his or her legal opinion and outline the real life impact of the Application for his or her client. If both parties agree to the terms outlined in the Application, they can submit the divorce Application to the court without having to actually appear in a courtroom.

Contested divorces are divorces involving two parties who either can’t agree on the divorce itself, or who can’t agree on the terms of the divorce. In these cases, the terms of the divorce may need to be decided by the court in the form of judges’ orders. While heading to court always comes with additional costs, sometimes this is the only way to deal with outstanding issues when the parties simply can’t agree.

Family lawyers are experienced in creating and repeatedly revising separation agreements and divorce Applications, taking most of the stress off of you. In Canada, same sex marriage is rightly treated the same way as traditional, opposite-sex marriage, and therefore the steps for separation and divorce are the same.




Searching For The Best Divorce Lawyers?

A divorce lawyer can help you by listening carefully to your unique situation, and working with you to make a plan that will resolve your issues as quickly as possible. Lawyers can help you decide the best course of action for your current relationship, whether it’s reconciliation, negotiation, mediation, or litigation.

When looking for a lawyer to take your case, it is important to look for someone who is experienced and genuinely cares about your best interests. A lawyer who is discriminatory against you or your partner may be biased, and their ability to represent you fairly could be limited. It is perfectly acceptable to meet with multiple lawyers before choosing one who makes you feel safe, comfortable and supported. At the end of the day, you are choosing someone to represent you and advocate for your best interests, therefore trusting your lawyer is key. If you meet with a lawyer but don’t feel comfortable with him or her, or think he or she might not represent you well, walk away. It is not worth investing money into someone you know will not meet your needs.

Tailor Law divorce lawyers are ready and eager to work on your behalf. Give us a call any time at 905-366-0202 to book your free consultation with a Mississauga divorce lawyer who will fight for you.

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