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Losing your job can be a very challenging event; especially when the circumstances point to wrongful termination. If this describes your matter, give us a call. We offer a free consultation to discuss and explore your options. Tailor Law’s wrongful dismissal lawyers provide legal advice right here in Mississauga. Allow us to deal with the situation at hand in a way that minimizes your stress and protects your interests. Our clients’ success matters to us and we pride ourselves on being recognized for our dedication and the ways in which we manage and resolve matters





Was I Wrongfully Terminated?

Whether you are a seasoned professional or new in your position, losing your job could leave a dark stain on your professional career and negatively affect your confidence. These effects can be further worsened by losing a job wrongfully or being dismissed without due cause.

Wrongful termination typically occurs when an employer fails to provide the employee with proper notice of dismissal, or the employer’s decision to terminate the employee’s contract was unlawful.


What Are My Options Now?

If you have been wrongfully terminated or unlawfully dismissed from your job, the simplest and least expensive option to seek a solution may be to try talking directly with your employer. While this can be intimidating, taking the time beforehand to prepare what you are going to say and come up with any questions can help. Don’t forget to bring pen and paper so that any new information gained in the meeting can be jotted down.

Suing Your Former Employer: If your employer refuses to negotiate with you, or will not agree to compensate you in the way you deserve, you might need to hire a lawyer and take your employer to court.

If you are looking to fight for compensation due to wrongful termination or unlawful dismissal, your lawyer will likely send a letter to your employer. This can be enough for them to compensate you.

If the issue remains unresolved, and you need to take legal action, the court in which you bring your lawsuit depends on the amount of money involved; Small Claims Court is limited to cases of $25,000 or less, while anything above this figure must be dealt with at a higher Ontario court level.


There are three types of compensation you can ask for in a lawsuit against your employer:

If you were wrongfully dismissed, you can bring a claim for the additional wages you would have made at your job if your employer had given you proper notice of termination.

If your employer has wrongfully fired you in a way that was deliberately cruel or humiliating, you may be eligible to seek special compensation for the mental anguish that resulted from the experience.

The likelihood of success in bringing legal action against your employer hinges on the unique facts of the case. The court may suggest arbitration or mediation as an alternative dispute resolution. This process sees a third party – either a mediator or arbitrator – overseeing discussions between parties to reach mutually agreeable terms, or make a decision that both parties must abide by.

Both of these methods of conflict resolution involve the help of a neutral third party, with a mediator helping the parties reach an agreement, and an arbitrator making a decision that is binding on the parties.

Before signing anything or sending any letters, messages, or emails to your employer with demands, it is important to speak to a lawyer first. Seeking legal help can be essential in ensuring a fair outcome, and Tailor Law employment lawyers are here to fight for what you deserve. However, while wanting to resolve legal issues quickly is understandable, remember that haste can lead to mistakes.




Free Consultation for Employment Matters

If you believe you have been wrongfully relieved of your position, our employment lawyers will discuss your options with you and go over any severance packages, dispute resolution packages, negotiations, and possible wrongful dismissal court actions. The team at Tailor Law will work with you to ensure that your case is represented in the best possible way and ensure you receive what you are owed. Please give us a call anytime at 905-366-0202 to book your free consultation with our Mississauga wrongful dismissal/termination lawyers

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