Divorce law is always a sensitive one; hence, the search for the best divorce lawyer can be pretty demanding. As a layman, you sometimes do not know what to look for when interviewing lawyers for your divorce. Of course, in addition to the technical qualification, the chemistry between the client and the lawyer must be right. Since this is a very personal decision, everyone has to decide to what extent he trusts a lawyer. In particular, in a divorce, the legal expert may need to discuss intimate details of private life.

Nevertheless, we can give you some tips to make the decision for the right lawyer a little easier. When interviewing lawyers for your divorce, ask questions that will elicit the following details:



Check that the lawyer has sufficient qualifications and knowledge of family law and may also have additional qualifications that may be important in a divorce. In particular, in the case of a divorce by mutual consent, the additional qualification as a mediator can be useful to work out a mutually agreed solution in the context of mediation.


Work experience

Find out how many years of professional experience the lawyer for family law or the divorce office has. If it is a relatively young lawyer, he or she may not have enough experience to provide legal representation in a complex asset, maintenance, and custody matters. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case. However, it is advisable to consult an experienced lawyer on family law for complicated disputes.



Law includes a variety of different fields of law, so lawyers are usually specialized in one or more areas of law. For divorce, you should consult a family law attorney or divorce lawyer. Therefore, enter different search terms in your search: divorce lawyer, family lawyer, marriage lawyer, divorce lawyer, etc.


Price transparency

A divorce can be very costly, depending on what follow-up processes are conducted. If the dispute is divorced, the amount can amount to several thousand euros. Do not risk unpleasant surprises, but have the costs calculated beforehand. The more transparent a lawyer can explain the costs, the better. If you do not receive specific statements about the costs that are coming your way, you can change the divorce lawyer.



Also, look at existing memberships of lawyers and law firms. Some divorce lawyers are members of different chambers of commerce; for example, they may be members of the Disciplinary Council of a Bar Association or a Bar Association.



Make sure that the law firm is in the immediate vicinity or not too far away from your place of residence or work. Keep in mind that you may have to make several appointments. Here, long journeys can take a lot of precious time, which you may need for other everyday things.


Internet Presence

Check the website of the law firm or the respective divorce lawyer. Here you will not only get helpful information but also get a better idea of the ambiance of the law firm and the competence areas of the team.



Take a look at the office hours and office hours to see if they are compatible with your everyday life. Keep in mind that you may need to appear more frequently for discussions in the office or consult with your lawyer by phone. Most lawyers are in the morning on court road and only available in the afternoon for talks. For the communication to work optimally, the lawyer or his secretary must also be willing to call you back at the desired time. Likewise, they should accommodate your lawyer a bit. Also, avoid law firms where you can communicate only through the answering machine or the mailbox.


Initial consultation

Go to a first meeting to get a first impression. Make sure that the initial meeting is settled at a previously agreed flat rate or a fixed rate. In some cases, lawyers also offer a free initial consultation.



To keep the costs as low as possible, a mutual divorce is the better choice. If there are still disagreements regarding asset or maintenance issues, you can clarify these conflicts in mediation. If the lawyer is interested in clarifying your concerns as cheaply as possible, he will explain and suggest these two approaches to you. However, if it is not possible to make a divorce by mutual agreement due to serious disputes, the disputed divorce must be chosen. This can be relatively costly through fees and follow-up procedures. But a good lawyer will give you the best possible advice so that you can get some Costs can save. A good lawyer will strive to find an optimal solution for you.


The search

You can find the best divorce lawyer in a phone book or other directories, but most of the time you will not get any additional information when searchingMake the most of the Internet, as it allows you to visit lawyers’ websites to get a better picture of the legal representatives. While you only get one title and one divorce lawyer’s name in a telephone book, law firm pages provide additional background information. Information provided includes specializations, areas of law, other qualifications, memberships, and work experience.



Does the firm have certifications, and are there authentic customer opinions? Should the law firm be certified by an independent provider, this speaks for the law firm. Check which references the lawyer has to show. Statements that the law firm has already made 500 divorces do not say anything about the qualification and expertise of the lawyer. Ultimately you cannot know if the interests of these clients have been successfully represented or not. What happens if the client loses custody rights or a substantial asset? Divorce is not rocket science, but successful advocacy is. Therefore, your divorce process belongs only in the hands of the best legal experts!



Do you feel comfortable talking with your legal representative? Can you trust him with private things? Do you generally feel that the chemistry is right? Then you have chosen the right divorce lawyer. In particular, even if you realize that he takes enough time for your concerns and pushes you not at the next best option back from the office. Also, if empathy is often dismissed as secondary, it plays a central role in providing legal advice. If you do not feel understood or feel like you are just a number, you should change the divorce lawyer.



You do not understand the legal language, and everything your lawyer says sounds like technical jargon? That’s not good, because your divorce lawyer should be able to explain everything to you. A good lawyer can easily switch from the legal language in court to an understandable everyday German. He will do his best to advise you in the best possible way so that you know what to expect. If you do not immediately understand what it’s about, dare to ask.

Some lawyers need to find out that not every client is familiar with the terminology. However, if your divorce lawyer is unable to explain your case, you should seek another lawyer. After all, it does not make sense to listen to incomprehensible jargon and, at the end of legal advice, not to go one step further.



Of course, your lawyer can not be available to you 24/7, even if some lawyers also have an emergency number. However, any lawyer can expect a degree of reliability and accessibility because, after all, your divorce is an important matter. See what service the law firm or law firm offers and how reliably it handles your case. If he does not agree and recall appointments, that is not a good sign. Then it’s time to find a new divorce lawyer. In our detailed directory, you will find competent legal representatives in your city.

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