Termination of Child Support – When does it end?

Termination of Child Support – When does it end?

If you’re a parent, you might be wondering when your child support ends. This article will summarize the procedures for terminating child support.


When does Child Support End?

Some parents assume that child support will cease when their kid reaches 18 years old. Child support is not stopped because a kid becomes an adult. In Canada, child support obligations must continue until the youngster no longer qualifies as a dependent child.


Adult Child Pursuing Full-Time Studies

If an adult child is in school full-time they are usually considered dependent. Child support usually ends when the adult child completes their first post-secondary diploma or degree. However, some courts have said that an undergraduate degree may not allow a child to become self-supporting. In such situations, child support is applicable if the child continues to pursue full-time studies.


Adult Children with Disabilities

A disabled adult child may be considered a dependent well into adulthood. The reason for this is that the adult child goes on to get a master’s degree, medical school, or law school. The parent’s monthly child support payment may be reduced after taking into account loans and grants accessible to the adult child, as well as part-time work opportunities and the parent’s financial situation.

An adult child may not begin post-secondary education immediately after high school graduation in some circumstances. In most situations, neither would child support be paid. However, if the adult child resumes full-time study in a reasonable amount of time, the obligation to pay child support arises. If an adult child returns to post-secondary education after age 20, the law requires parent support to continue until the youngster reaches 24 years old. The older an adult child is, the more likely a court will stop or lower child support payments, impose a higher stated age limit, or do both.


Disability or Illness

If an adult child is unable to support himself or herself due to a handicap or sickness, the law may mandate that a parent provide child support. The effect of the disability or illness on the child’s ability to work, as well as financial assistance provided to the youngster and parent’s financial resources, are all considered.


Marriage and Voluntarily Withdrawing From Parental Control

A child support termination may also occur if the child marries or decides to withdraw from their parent’s control. This is accomplished by leaving home after the age of 16. The law, however, states that a child’s withdrawal from parental control must be voluntary. The youngster would still be considered a dependent under the law, whether they are compelled to leave or not.

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