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Spousal Support Lawyers

Breakups are not fun or easy. When a marriage or long-term relationship ends, it can be especially hard for a partner who isn’t financially independent. If you are unable to provide for yourself once the relationship is over, the family law system has a method of maintaining the financial status quo for a time. This ensures that both parties are able to untangle their shared lives and get back on their feet.

This is called spousal support, and it is one of the important parts of the separation process in which Tailor Law’s Mississauga spousal support lawyers specialize. Because every case is different, we offer a free consultation with a spousal support lawyer to explore your situation and lay out potential options.

What is Spousal Support?

Spousal support is the way by which financial stability is maintained by the parties during and after the separation process. Support payments are made from the spouse with the higher income to the spouse with the lower income.

These payments are usually made on a monthly basis, but can also be paid as a lump sum if the parties’ both agree to it. Sometimes a lump sum settlement of spousal support obligations is ideal, like in cases where the parties have no children together and just want to move forward with their own lives.

Who Can Receive ?

Spousal support is not reserved for people who have been married. Anyone who has been married or in a common law relationship (living together for three years or have had a child together within a relationship of some permanence) may be entitled to receive spousal support.

If a party has been financially dependent on his or her spouse for all or much of the relationship, that party will likely receive spousal support in order to maintain the day-to-day status quo, and/or to compensate that party for the money and opportunities he or she gave up to support their partner or care for the kids.

Whether you are at the beginning of your separation, or have been separated for years, spousal support can be a tough issue. It affects your day-to-day ability to live, work, and run your household. It affects your mental health and overall sense of security. Although you may think you know what you or your spouse are entitled to in terms of support, it is always wise to speak with a lawyer.

Let Tailor Law’s Spousal Support lawyers assess your situation and find out how they can help you by booking a free consultation. Consultations with spousal support lawyers serving Mississauga can be booked anytime by calling 905-366-0202.

Searching for the Best Lawyer for Spousal Support?

If you are seeking assistance with your Spousal Support Matter you can call Tailor Law today to get the help you need from our trained Family Lawyers who can help you navigate through the whirlwind of paperwork and emotions that come with deciding how to proceed. We have helped many clients get what they deserve in all Spousal Support matters.

If you have questions about your Spousal Support Matter please call us today to set up an appointment to speak with one of our Spousal Support Lawyers.


At Tailor Law, we appreciate the sensitivity and care required in dealing with family matters. Our law firm works hard to approach these situations with the sensitivity and expertise they require. Both parties involved often have different perceptions of what is fair, making the entire process of reaching an agreement stretch out for seemingly forever. Differing incomes and roles in the family can make an equal financial split messy and confusing. Moreover, children can often be lost in the constant mess of everything going on. We are dedicated to bringing a resolution that is in your best interest and helps you as well as any children involved move forward.

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