What is Quantum Meruit Claims?

What is Quantum Meruit Claims?   The Latin term “quantum meruit” translates to mean, “as much as deserved.” This legal claim is made by an individual who worked under the deceased but did not receive payment or compensation from their will. In order to understand what a quantum meruit claim is, it’s important to overview

Immigration Law

Tailor Law offers a wide range of Canadian immigration law services to assist people from around the world. Whether your case is about temporary residence, permanent residence, business immigration or appealing a decision, we can help. Tailor Law is a multicultural team of lawyers. Many of us are also immigrants to Canada and have gone

Common FAQs Answered Regarding Employment Law During COVID-19

What To Know About The CoVid-19 Pandemic And Your Workplace Rights.   As many of us are aware, there is a new virus spreading through the world. This virus, code-named COVID-19. By knowing what your rights are, you will be able to maximize your time off from work.   Can I Refuse To Work Wherever There

Spousal Support and Changing Your Spousal Support Order

What is spousal support?   When a marriage ends, a spouse may be entitled to spousal support. This is mainly because, in Ontario, the law views a spousal relationship as similar to a financial partnership.   In the event of a separation or divorce, one partner may seek financial assistance from their ex-spouse. To do this they

Divorce Lawyer: Inheritances and Gifts

All You Need To Know About Inheritances and Gifts in Family Law

Among the many issues to be addressed in any divorce process is the division of the couple’s belongings or in technical words, the distribution of the marital property. But what exactly is marital property, and what does it have to do with my divorce?  How can a divorce lawyer help to protect my inheritance during

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