Mississauga Immigration lawyers

Immigration lawyers in Mississauga

Tailor Law offers a wide range of Canadian immigration law services to assist people from around the world. Whether your case is about temporary residence, permanent residence, business immigration, or appealing a decision, we can help. Tailor Law is a multicultural team of lawyers. Many of us are also immigrants to Canada and have gone through the process.  We recognize the barriers that many immigrants face in their struggles to settle in Canada, or to bring their loved ones here. We will guide you through every step of Canada’s complex and time-consuming immigration process so that you can achieve the best outcome in your application.

Meet with one of Tailor Law’s Mississauga Immigration lawyers, in person or over the phone. This free consultation will allow us to determine how we can best assist you, and to explain the possible outcomes of your situation. Book your consultation anytime by calling 905-366-0202

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