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What Is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is a process in which both parties and their lawyers meet to work out a settlement with the help of a neutral third party who is experienced in family law. The mediator may be a senior lawyer or other appropriate person recommended by the court. Each lawyer will ask for personal and financial disclosure from opposing counsel before the mediation date so that all of the required information will be available at the mediation. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution that will allow parties in and out of court to sit down and negotiate a reasonable resolution for all parties.

Divorce Mediation Lawyers in Mississauga

At Tailor Law, we appreciate the sensitivity and care required in dealing with your divorce matter. Our law firm works hard to approach your Divorce Mediation matter with the sensitivity and expertise that is required. Both parties involved often have different perceptions of what is fair, making the entire process of reaching an agreement stretch out for seemingly forever. Differing incomes and roles in the family can make an equal financial split messy and confusing. Moreover, children can often be lost in the constant mess of everything going on. Our Divorce Medition Lawyers are dedicated to bringing a resolution that is in your best interest and helps you as well as any children involved move forward.

Seeking a Divorce

If you are seeking a divorce, you should first determine whether you are eligible to file for a divorce. While you may want to get out of the marriage as soon as possible, there are certain considerations that must be met in order to legally file for divorce. If you have been separated for at least one (1) year and you feel that there is no chance of reconciling with your spouse, or your spouse has been unfaithful to you, or your spouse has treated you cruelly, you have the right to file for divorce. You can usually file for divorce at your nearest court registry, but it is always best practice to seek legal counsel first. Tailor Law offers free consultations for parties thinking of filing for divorce.

Divorce Process

A spouse can seek a divorce for any number of reasons. However, the only legal reason a spouse can file a divorce is if one of the following three situations apply:

  • if you have been separated for at least one (1) year and there is no chance of reconciliation between you and your spouse, OR
  • Your spouse has cheated on you, OR
  • Your spouse has treated you cruelly.

As divorce can be a costly process, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as you are thinking of filing for divorce to ensure you fully understand what’s to come. Certain considerations may change the way you approach your divorce. Tailor law firm has two locations in Ontario: Mississauga and Oakville. The staff at Tailor Law are here to assist with providing legal support throughout the divorce process. Going through your divorce is not an option when financial support and custody matters are at stake.

What Does a Divorce in Ontario Cost?

The cost of a divorce can vary. While there is no single estimate on the cost of a divorce in Ontario given the unique issues that each divorce poses, divorces can sometimes expect run in the thousands. If the divorce is amicable, this estimate can be slightly cheaper given the ease and simplicity of the proceedings. Contested divorces tend to be more costly, due to the time and complexity of resolving the issues at hand between two parties. Lawyer fees are based on the amount of time spent on your case, correspondence made between the lawyer, yourself, and other third parties, filing and courier fees, and other legal costs.

In addition to legal fees and expenses, the cost of divorce includes spousal support (if this payment is required by the court), child support, and the need for duplicate items for children when parenting time is split between parents. These items include things like clothing, transit passes, daycare costs, and entertainment expenses.

Divorce Mediation Lawyers for Women

Divorce lawyers for women focus on the issues that women typically face in a divorce. Issues can include disputes related to child support, spousal support, the distribution of property, finances, and debt. The lawyers at Tailor Law offer a diversified staff of female lawyers to help women during the difficult period of time.

Divorce Mediation Lawyers for Men

Divorce lawyers for men are lawyers who place emphasis on the issues that men face when undergoing a family law issue. Issues can range from spousal support to child custody and the distribution of finances and debt.

Searching For The Best Divorce Lawyers for Divorce Mediation?

A Contested Divorce never turns out as easily as people may hope. Call Tailor Law today and we will help you through your Contested Divorce and help you determine what you are rightfully entitled to. Tailor Law Professional Corporation offers a free thirty-minute consultation during which you can speak to a lawyer about your situation. Our Divorce Mediation Lawyers are happy to sit down with you and discuss your legal issue. We encourage you to meet with one of us, and we’ll see how we can help. We can talk through your situation, outline your options, and figure out your next steps and the best way to move forward. Give us a call at 905-366-0202 or book online.

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Mississauga Divorce Mediation Lawyers

Divorce Mediation lawyers offer legal support in the way to help negotiate and finalize your Divorce. In Divorce Mediation matters, the lawyers at Tailor Law provide representation in Mississauga and Oakville. Tailoring a positive divorce requires the consideration of the best interests of the entire family. This means the court will consider the mental and physical welfare of the children with respect to special needs, living arrangements, education, childcare and financial maintenance. In seeking a Divorce, you want top Divorce Mediation lawyers on your side to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. Tailor Law firm provides full service and representation in Divorce Mediation matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Divorce Mediation right for me?

Mediation is the right avenue when the parties are willing to negotiate with each other. Mediation may not be the best option for all family law conflicts. Power dynamics between the parties may unfairly affect the outcome. In cases involving domestic abuse, for example, one party may influence the other through subtle visual cues or other signals that could be undetectable to the neutral third party.

Another reason that mediation may not be the best path for some people is that financial disclosure from the opposing party can be requested but not ordered, as a court would be able to do. This means that if one party is hiding assets and not providing complete and accurate financial information, the arbitrator cannot order that party to produce the information.

What is the difference between sole custody and full custody?

Joint custody occurs when the parents of the child share physical and legal custody of the child. Joint custody is also known as shared custody, which is a 50/50 split. When parents have joint custody over children, they make decisions jointly with respect to the care of the children.

Couples or spouses who have decided to separate must decide where their children will reside and how much time each parent will spend with the children. This time is called parenting time. The time that each parent spends with the children is called child access.

Joint custody can be agreed upon prior to going to court. Some couples operate without legal custody agreements, while others use mediation to agree upon custody. If the parties cannot agree on the terms of joint custody, a judge may need to rule on the terms of the joint custody.

How do child support payments work?

Child support payments are payments made from one party to the other in relation to the maintenance and upkeep of children following separation or divorce.

Each parent is responsible for the financial maintenance of the child and payments are based on gross income and financial circumstances. Child support is usually paid until the children turn 18 years of age. Child support payments can be extended in certain circumstances.

In many cases, child support payments are made by the parent who spends the least amount of time with the children.

Child support payments are not related to the gender of the parent nor are they related to legal custody. If one parent has legal custody of the children, it does not necessarily mean that they will receive child support. As there are a number of circumstances that affect child support payments, it is best practice to seek the advice of a family law lawyer. A family lawyer who specializes in child support matters will provide the best legal support for your legal needs. Tailor Law handles both simple and complex matters of child support. Tailor Law offers legal child support in Mississauga and Oakville.

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