Mississauga Defamation Lawyers

Mississauga Defamation Lawyers

Politicians, professionals, journalists, writers, and businesses all work hard to establish and maintain a reputable reputation. For many people, their name and the character they project are crucial to their professional or business development and success. False claims about that person or company made in person (i.e. on the radio or television) or in writing (i.e. in print media or online) may severely detract from the goodwill and status that these people have worked hard to develop and can devastate a reputation.


If you have been the target of known or potential false statements and are concerned about the effects these statements may have on you or your business, it is critical to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible who has relevant expertise in handling these difficult legal issues. The sooner you act, the quicker you will be able to manage the situation and begin to recover.


Our lawyers at Tailor Law have a long track record of successfully defending clients against defamatory, libellous, and slanderous accusations.


What is Defamation?

Defamation is the act of damaging someone’s reputation, finances, or well-being through a statement to a third party. Defamation can take the form of written defamation or oral defamation (slander).

A court will examine whether a statement is defamatory based on the following criteria:

Was made to a third-party

Contained something that lowered the plaintiff (i.e., the individual or organization bringing the defamation claim) in the eyes of right-thinking members of society generally, or exposed them to hatred, contempt, or ridicule.

An average reasonable person would have deemed it as defamatory.

Importantly, this evaluation is objective rather than subjective. As a result, whether or not the plaintiff considers the statement to be detrimental to their reputation is irrelevant. The question is whether the average reasonable person (i.e., the normal person) would believe that the statement is defamatory.


What is Libel?

A defamatory statement that is published in writing is referred to as libel. It also includes the expanding field of internet interactions. False information disseminated in newspaper articles, letters to the editor, blog entries, postings on social networks (including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), and other locations online is all examples of libel.

Written remarks are more permanent and have a paper trail, making them appealing to courts for longer durations of time than spoken or oral statements. As a result, libel is generally acknowledged to be more harmful than slander.

You do not have to show that you have been harmed in order to win a libel claim – all you have to establish is that a false statement was made about you to a third party, and there is some form of a document proving this.


What is Slander?

It’s clear that the plaintiff’s complaints are based on false and defamatory claims since they were all motivated by a desire to malign Mugs.

Unlike libel, if you sue for slander, you must usually show that monetary losses were incurred as a result of the alleged slander. This is sometimes difficult to demonstrate.


How Can Tailor Law Professional Corporation Help?

Defamation, libel, and slander claims are difficult to demonstrate. There are a number of things to consider., including:

The severity of the damages caused by these remarks is difficult to quantify.

In many cases, the identity of a person making defamatory remarks is unknown, and they can be made anonymously. Where a violation is not addressed in time, the consequences can be catastrophic. Emergency injunctions must be obtained quickly and frequently to prevent continuing or imminent injury. Depending on where the remarks or allegations are published and who is making them, limits on how long a plaintiff has to bring a claim of defamation, libel, or slander may be quite brief.


Defamation claims are difficult because they deal with extremely complicated issues surrounding freedom of speech and other important rights. We understand the numerous difficulties of bringing a libel or slander lawsuit, and we have the requisite understanding and litigation experience to assist our clients in defending themselves and their reputations.

For Exceptional Legal Representation in Defamation Matters Contact Tailor Law Professional Corporation in Mississauga

Contact Tailor Law as soon as possible if you are a person or business and believe defamatory remarks have been made about you in the media or on the internet, or if you have been accused of making defamatory statements. We aim to safeguard you, your reputation, and your livelihood as quickly as possible. Call us at 905-366-0202 or fill out our contact form on the right side of this page.

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