Getting Remarried in Canada

Remarrying in Canada


Re-Marrying after a Canadian Divorce

When you are first granted a divorce, you will receive an Order for Divorce granted by the Superior Court of Justice or a Unified Family Court. This Divorce Order terminates your marriage. Following this, The court will issue a Certificate of Divorce 31 days after granting the divorce order.

 You are required to bring :

1. To book online, please print your Appointment Permit. When you book online.

2. Completed application dated with original signatures.

3. Two pieces of an original and valid government-issued ID for each person applying from the list of acceptable ID’s.

4. Divorce documentation.

Re-Marrying after Foreign Divorce

Divorces that take place in other countries require the person to provide certain documents when applying for an immigrant visa. This process can take up to 4 weeks.

You must send the following documents to Service Ontario:
  • A completed and signed marriage license application form
  • A statement of sole responsibility
  • A legal opinion letter 
  • A divorce decree or annulment (an original or court-certified copy in English or French; where the decree is in another language, you must provide a translated copy and a signed affidavit sworn by a certified translator)

Effect on Spousal Support Orders

An application can only terminate a support order made under the Divorce Act. A recipient spouse’s remarriage does not automatically terminate a support order. However, the current law in this area shows little consensus.

The court may reduce, suspend or even terminate spousal support after a divorce. 

Relevant Considerations

If you want to make sure that your marriage goes smoothly and without trouble, it is recommended that before the big day arrives. This better protects your finances and assets in the future. For instance, both parties should seek independent legal advice about the contract.

Remarrying is a big deal and you need to do all your legal paperwork before doing it.

We highly discourage anyone from seeking out legal advice through this article. This article only provides general information and should you have any further questions regarding the remarriage and licensing process, please contact us to book a Free initial consultation 905-366-0202 or through our website here.

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