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Family lawyers in Mississauga

At Tailor Law, we appreciate the sensitivity and care required in dealing with family matters. Our law firm works hard to approach your Family Law matter with the sensitivity and expertise they require. Both parties involved often have different perceptions of what is fair, making the entire process of reaching an agreement stretch out for seemingly forever. Differing incomes and roles in the family can make an equal financial split messy and confusing. Moreover, children can often be lost in the constant mess of everything going on. Our Family Law Lawyers are dedicated to bringing a resolution that is in your best interest and helps you as well as any children involved move forward.

When do you need a Family Law in Mississauga?

There are many scenarios that arise that you may need assistance from a Family Law. Some of these are when you are separated and you want to negotiate a separation agreement or when you have just had a baby and want to make a parenting plan to determine custody and access arrangements. Any time you find yourself unaware on how to proceed with your Family, call Tailor Law and schedule a consultation and we will sit down with you and discuss your options and the best way to proceed. When making huge decisions regarding your family you should always have someone on your side who will fight for you with your children’s best interests in mind. Tailor Law will ensure that all the decisions that are made are fair and reasonable for you and your children.

Family Court Lawyers: Trial And Litigation

A family lawyer is a lawyer who represents you in matters of child custody, parental rights, spousal support, divorce, and other issues affecting families. A lawyer whose practice focuses on trial and litigation within the family law system is known as a family court lawyer. When negotiations between the parties break down, family court lawyers prepare your case for trial by focusing on your argument and putting your best case forward.

This can include preparing statements in your defence that are based on case law precedents. Case law precedents are legal cases that have been decided in previous courts, including family courts. Precedents are used to either support your argument or oppose the other party’s argument. Family court lawyers also assist by preparing you for your hearing or trial. The family court lawyers at Tailor Law have a proven track record in making use of up-to-date legal precedents. This is important, as developments in family law happen quickly.

In addition to preparing you for your trial, a litigation lawyer will champion your case in court by providing unwavering support and managing developments in your matter. This means that the lawyers at Tailor Law will communicate openly with you, respond to your concerns in a timely manner, and manage your case efficiently. Our litigation services are meant to provide peace of mind for any party involved in the family court trial process.

Family Lawyers For Men

Family lawyers for men place emphasis on the issues that men face in divorces, disputes, settlements, and child custody matters. Tailor Law provides full services for men involved in family law proceedings and offers the best solutions in settling family disputes. We pride ourselves on providing special support for men who are seeking assistance with child support payments, custody matters, child protective orders, spousal support payments, and property disputes.

Getting or paying your fair share of support means using the best strategies in family case conferences, hearings, and at trial. Men looking for lawyers with a proven track record can feel confident in the services that Tailor Law family lawyers provide.

Family Lawyers For Women

Family lawyers for women are lawyers who maintain a special focus on the issues that women face in the event of separation and divorce. Divorces are often the most difficult time in one’s life, and Tailor Law appreciates the sensitivity and experience required in settling such matters as seamlessly as possible.

Mothers often share a special bond with their children, and our lawyers understand that financial support, parenting time, and custody of any existing children are issues of the utmost concern. Tailor Law provides full legal services that allow mothers to receive the best advice from experienced family lawyers.

Tailor Law is staffed with a team of female lawyers that provide full support to women facing issues with divorce, spousal support, child custody, child support, and other family law matters. We understand that a familiar face can make all the difference. Feel confident in having a team of lawyers who are on your side. Call now and explore the ways in which Tailor Law can make this difficult time easier to navigate.

Family Lawyers For Common Law Couples

Marriage isn’t for everyone. Common law relationships have become increasingly common as an alternative to official marriage. A common law relationship is one in which the couple is not married, but has lived together for a certain amount of time. You may even have entered into a common law relationship without realizing it. In Ontario, you are considered a common-law couple if you have been living with your partner for at least three years, or for one year if you have a child with your partner.

While a common law relationship holds specific legal status, it is not a relationship that requires a divorce. Couples may end their relationship at any time, without taking legal action. If children, pets, or property are involved, however, certain considerations may need to be met, depending on the length of time that the couple has lived together. Knowing your rights in the event of ending a common law relationship is very important. The lawyers at Tailor law provide legal advice and services pertaining to all common family law matters.

Disability Family Lawyers

Spouses receiving disability benefits face a unique set of challenges in a divorce. Divorce can also exacerbate existing challenges by affecting finances and putting a wrench in established plans for care. If you have been receiving employment or other support payments due to a disability, your spouse is not entitled to these benefits before or after a divorce. Similarly, you are not entitled to your disabled spouse’s benefits.

Disability divorce lawyers understand that disabilities should not provide barriers to an individual’s full participation in life. Divorce shouldn’t be any different. Those with disabilities want a lawyer they can trust. Tailor Law provides exemplary services and accommodations for parties with disabilities, and this is reflected in our track record.

Pre-Nuptial And Post-Nuptial Agreements

When two people decide to get married, they don’t usually plan for the end of the marriage. What happens if the marriage breaks down? A prenuptial agreement is the first step in protecting your assets in a separation and divorce. A prenuptial agreement is an agreement between two parties that is signed before marriage and outlines what should happen if the two parties separate. A prenuptial agreement outlines who the parties are, and what assets and properties each party had prior to marriage. It also sets out future financial considerations following the end of the marriage.

It’s not too late if you are already married. A postnuptial agreement is similar to a prenuptial agreement, but a postnuptial agreement is drafted once two individuals have already married. A postnuptial agreement may offer less financial protection as assets and property could be considered the marital property once couples have married. Before getting married, you should strongly consider consulting with one of the family lawyers at Tailor Law.

Searching for the Best Family Law Lawyer?

If you are seeking assistance with your Family Law Matter in Mississauga you can call Tailor Law today to get the help you need from our trained Family Lawyers who can help you navigate through the whirlwind of paperwork and emotions that come with deciding how to proceed.

If you have questions about your Family Law Matter please call us today to set up an appointment to speak with one of our Family Lawyers in Mississauga.

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