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Tailor Law is your one-stop shop for all things corporate. From advising on the best way to structure a business, protecting its interests with solid legal advice and guidance – we’re here when you need us most!
We know that every client’s success depends upon finding their own identity in this ever-changing world of entrepreneurship, but Tailor Law can help make sure for your business. We believe in working closely as strategic partners who will act on behalf of our client’s best interests to ensure everything runs smoothly by providing assistance like drafting contracts or developing strategies which will enhance not only your company’s prosperity but also ensure fairness between yourself as an owner/operator versus any employees who work under you. Tailor Law is here to provide you with the best legal advice and tools. 

One important service we provide at Tailor Law is contract drafting and review. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of not having a written agreement in place when starting or expanding their business. This can lead to disputes and disagreements down the road that could have been easily avoided with a well-drafted contract.


General Corporate Matters
Our business lawyers can assist you with a wide variety of legal matters, including:
– acting for the vendor or purchaser when buying or selling a business
– incorporating your business
– minute book reviews and updates
– review and negotiation of commercial leases
– shareholder and partnership agreements
– dissolution and winding up of a corporation
– corporate reorganization and rollovers
– contract drafting and negotiation
– distributorship agreement and licensing agreement
– commercial leasing
– secured transaction and finance
Buying and Selling of Businesses
Our team has assisted clients in buying and/or selling their business, including:
– asset purchase agreements
– share purchase agreements
– letter of intent
– due diligence
– non-competition agreements
– buying or selling a franchised business
– merger and acquisition

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COVID-19 Update: Yes, we are open! We are accepting new clients and consultations over the phone and in-person.