Mississauga Child Custody Lawyers

Child Custody Lawyers Mississauga

Our team of experienced family law lawyers have a unique approach to child custody disputes. With empathy and understanding, we work one-on-one with you to get you through your complex child custody dispute. We help you navigate the child custody process to ensure that the best interests of your children are protected.

Child Custody Lawyers in Mississauga

One of the most important requirements to a successful separation and divorce process is custody arrangements for both parties’ children. For parents who are ending their relationship, Tailor Law works closely with clients in understanding how best they can care for them now as well as during post-divorce life stages such that no one will be left parentless or without support due to an amicable parting agreement between themselves; we advise our clients regarding appropriate means by which this concern should manifest itself throughout all aspects (including financial) pertaining specifically towards family law concerns like access rights –something every Mississauga resident deserves when dealing through personal turmoil.
Family Lawyers for Custody and Access
For clients with children, determining custody and access is one of the most important requirements during a separation or divorce process. The primary concern for parents ending their relationship is caring about how to take good care of your kid without being too far away from them. Tailor Law works with you so you can have peace-of mind knowing that everything has been taken into consideration before making any decisions regarding custody or access. We approach our work with compassion and strive to provide professionalism when dealing within these negotiations because we understand this isn’t easy.

How does the child custody process work?

In an ideal world, we would like to avoid litigation and come up with a plan that is agreeable for all parties involved. However, where there has been conflict about custody of children from the get-go it becomes more difficult because both parents will need time to adjust their roles as well as figure out how best they can care for these new arrangements while keeping everything civil enough so everyone remains on good terms during negotiations or any future interactions between them concerning child rearing specifics. We work closely alongside clients who have sought legal counsel through our firm – helping them draft lasting solutions and meaningful resolution to their child custody dispute. Where necessary, we represent our clients at mediation or in the litigation process.
How can a Divorce Lawyer help me?
Our lawyers can work with you to resolve all kinds of custody and access legal issues, including:
⦁ Parenting Plans and Parenting Schedules
⦁ Custody Agreements
⦁ Access Arrangements and Child Visitation
⦁ Child Relocation and Mobility Issues
⦁ Parental Alienation of Children
⦁ Issues arising from substance abuse and mental health
⦁ Enforcing Orders for Child Custody and Access
⦁ Varying Custody and Access Orders

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