A Quick Guide to Child Custody and Access

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Purpose of the Guide

The purpose of this guide is to explain what it means for a parent to have custody and access. For a parent, their child is amongst their primary concerns. It is natural for any parent to wonder what will happen to their child and how will they be raised since the way the family operates is undergoing a significant change.

Who will a child see and when, who will take them to school, to extra-curricular events. How will decisions be made on health, school, and religion? How will the child be brought up now that the parents are separating? These are common questions that parents have when going through a separation and when consulting with a lawyer. These questions are answered when the parents through a separation agreement or the courts decide how the specifics of custody and access are to be handled.

Learn the Following from the Guide

  • The Basics of Custody and Access.
  • Entitlements to Access/Custody.
  • Best Interest of the Child.
  • Common Considerations to Access/Parenting plan and Decision-making/Custody.
  • Elements to Success with a Parenting Plan.

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