6 Best Alternative Software’s to Will Builder


helps practitioners manage estate administration and accounting with ease as correspondence and documents are automatically produced to facilitate solicitor’s and executor’s duties.




is Canada’s leading provider of practise specific software for law offices. www.doprocess.com


Emergent Estate Planning & Vault Manager 

Website does not state whether this software is pay as you go; it contains a wide variety of default documents.

Emergent’s software includes precedents and, where applicable, government forms needed to complete transactions. Unless stated otherwise, all content as well as updates and additions, are included with the software.

Precedents are provided in MS Word format and are easily customizable to suit the style of each firm. Included Clause Selector enhances your customization options providing unsurpassed drafting flexibility. Emergent’s trainers and Customer Care team is also available to assist with customizing the software.

Standard Content:

  • Will
  • Power of Attorney Personal Care
  • Power of Attorney Property
  • Notarial Certificate
  • Safekeeping Register
  • Status Sheet




ACL5 (Korbitec Inc.) – Family Law Document Automation

With ACL Family Law, you can create the full range of family law documents quickly and accurately through a simple series of data entry dialogues that capture and store all your relevant case details and eliminate re-keying.

ACL is proven to increase productivity. There are no upfront costs, and usage-based pricing gives you complete control over your expenses and enables you to align the cost of document production with the associated matters.


Leaflet Corporation – a document automation software, does not mention a pay-per-use option for clients, but does mention that it can “Satisfy clients who are demanding more and more – and want to pay less and less”

Leaflet automatically structures legal document drafting with active elements that alert you to critical items as they require your attention. Precise, flexible permissions allow you to control who can access or alter documents, individual clauses, or specific elements within those documents. Our Webforms and Microsites features deliver these features to users in your workgroup or practice area, your department, company-wide or worldwide across all mobile devices.




ClioCase Management Software

Integrates directly with Wealthcounsel so you can draft customized estate plans without the hassle of duplicate data entry. Clio Manage is a law practice management software that provides billing options for legal professionals. You can set standard flat fees for different services according to what you offer, such as wills, living wills, or living trusts, using activity categories in Clio Manage.




AbacusNext – Hot Docs / Amicus Attorneys

1. Hot Docs – strictly document automation

An integrated version of Hot Docs with Abacus Law – efficiently creates documents using information from client file on AbacusLaw; must have AbacusLaw original software

The latest version of HotDocs Advance now integrates with AbacusLaw legal practice management software, providing firms with the ability to automatically assemble error-free documents using the client, calendar, and case information already in the AbacusLaw system (which is a software that incorporates case management, time tracking, billing & accounting all-in-one – can automatically generate professional, templated invoices for any fee arrangement or billing schedule). https://www.hotdocs.com/integrations/abacuslaw/ https://www.amicusattorney.com/abacuslaw/

2. Amicus Attorney (product under AbacusNext) – a whole software, but has an automation option

Amicus Attorney is an intuitive case management software solution that tracks and invoices billable time, automates important documents, and provides access to all your clients, cases, and matters.

Consider preparing ahead of time to save yourself and your loved ones many headaches later. Our specialist Wills and Estates Lawyers will work with you to plan for the future and ensure that your loved ones are cared for. Please contact us to book a free initial consultation 905-366-0202 or through our website here.

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