5 Reasons You Need An Employment Lawyer

Employment Lawyers Provide Legal Advice For Terminations & New Hires

There are times in everyone’s life when they will more than likely find themselves in a lawyer’s office. Whether it’s drafting a will, purchasing a home, ending a marriage, or starting a business, a lawyer can help you provide advice, guidance, and of course legal services.  There are, of course, different types of lawyers who practice in various areas of law. For your will, your first stop will usually be to a lawyer who focuses on wills and estates. For issues involving marriage, children, separation, or divorce, there are family lawyers who can help. Likewise, a corporate lawyer can help you get that new company off the ground.



Protect Your Future, Get Professional Employment Law Help

When it comes to issues in the workplace however, an employment lawyer may be your best resource. Employment lawyers are well versed in all kinds of workplace issues, and can help you come up with the best solutions for your situation.  While some employment lawyers just focus on helping employers or employees, we feel that working with both sides helps us have a better understanding of your needs.



Here are the top ten reasons to see an employment lawyer:

Top 5 Reasons For Employees To See An Employment Lawyer

Reviewing a Job Offer – Employment lawyers are not just handy when you’ve lost your job; they can be helpful when you start your new job as well. For example, the termination clause you sign in your employment contract is usually what determines how much money you’ll be entitled to if your employer terminates your position in the future. An employment lawyer can help you review your offer of employment and make sure that what you’re signing puts you in the best position as you start your new job.


Dealing with a Workplace Issue – Workplace conflict can be a difficult situation, but not every challenge needs to result in the end of your working relationship. An employment lawyer can help you assess the situation (they’ve likely seen something similar before) and offer suggestions on the simplest possible solutions that will not force an end to your employment relationship.


Harassment and Discrimination Harassment and discrimination are an unfortunate reality in the workplace, and while there are multiple laws preventing such treatment the truth is that both still happen regularly. This kind of treatment is never okay, and laws are in place to protect employees from such conduct. There are multiple possible solutions for workplace harassment and discrimination, and an employment lawyer can help walk you through your best options.


Negotiating an Exit Package – For longer service employees who may be looking for a way out of their role, there may be an alternative to announcing a speedy retirement. A lawyer specializing in employment law can help you negotiate a gradual exit from your job.


Terminations – Losing a job can be one of the most painful losses you may ever experience. Employment lawyers help ensure employees are treated fairly and receive a fair payout.



Top 5 Reasons For Employers To See An Employment Lawyer

Employment Contracts – Employment contracts are important for the health of your business. Review your employment contract annually to ensure it is up to date with legal practices.

Workplace Policies – Progressive discipline is beneficial to workplace standards and expectations. However, some policies are required under law, and must meet certain standards to avoid stiff penalties. Progressive discipline is beneficial to workplace standards and expectations.

Discipline Issues – Employers are only human, and it may be compelling to immediately dismiss a troublesome employee. Progressive discipline can help correct workplace performance issues.. An employment lawyer can help put the right strategies in place to help improve your team’s overall performance.

Making Changes – Businesses that stay stagnant are often the fastest to grow stale. Businesses are often seeking to grow or join forces and may need to make major changes in harder times. Working with an employment lawyer can help minimize the impact on your employees as your business evolves.

Terminations – A termination done poorly can become the sharpest thorn in an employer’s side.

For advice on any of these issues, contact Tailor Law today to arrange a consultation with an employment lawyer.



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