10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Lawyer For Your Charges

You may have heard that you are able to represent yourself in a criminal trial and perhaps that sounds appealing – you won’t have to pay lawyer fees or have someone intrude into your personal affairs. However, there are many reasons why you should hire a criminal defence lawyer if you have been accused of a criminal offence.

  1. A lawyer’s most powerful tool is their years of legal knowledge and experience in criminal law. Even if you try to learn it by yourself before your trial starts, you won’t be able to match the level of knowledge that took the lawyer years of law school and practice to acquire. Also, reading cases and statutes is not the most interesting or easy pursuit – you will appreciate this immediately if you ever try to read through the Criminal Code.
  2. A lawyer will be aware of the complex court procedures and will make sure that your case does not get delayed, or that you lose the case entirely based on a technicality.
  3. There is a lot of paperwork in criminal trials and even more procedural rules for the paperwork. You will be charged if you file the paperwork incorrectly, miss a detail, or a deadline.
  4. The lawyer can guide you through your first appearance or even attend it on your behalf as your “agent”.
  5. Your lawyer will know how to examine and attack the evidence that the Crown Attorney has filed against you, called the “disclosure”. They will also know how to correctly file and present evidence on your behalf according to the procedural rules.
  6. Depending on your criminal case, a lawyer has the skills to argue that your offence falls under a misdemeanour (minor offence) as opposed to a felony (indictable offence) which often carries a prison sentence.
  7. The law is always changing and it is the job of criminal lawyers to keep up-to-date on the latest changes that may affect your case. They also pay expensive subscription costs to online legal databases that are required to conduct legal research.
  8. Your lawyer will have knowledge of the various sentencing options under the Criminal Code and argue your case to make sure that you receive the least harsh sentence possible, that is, if they do not get the case dismissed entirely.
  9. A lawyer can settle the case before it ever gets to trial, which will end up saving you a tonne of money in the long-run. With your approval, the lawyer can enter a guilty plea to obtain a plea bargain for a lighter sanction. You will not be able to plea bargain effectively if you are self-represented because the prosecutor will try to take advantage of you.
  10. An experienced criminal lawyer will have amassed years of connections with other lawyers, judges, private investigators, and even prosecutors who they may rely on to help with your case.

Even if you lose the case and you are convicted of the offence, a lawyer can argue that the conviction is kept off your record. This is an extremely important victory to obtain because a criminal record follows you for life and can affect housing, employment and all sorts of other facets of your life. A clean record is your best chance for a fresh start.

All of the above reasons indicate that the case will be much harder to win if you are self-represented. You deserve the best chances of success and hiring a lawyer to argue your case can give you that peace of mind.

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